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Antone Roundy
Language Rating: G

Company Information

CompanyGecko Tribe


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I enjoy playing guitar, piano, and several other instruments; writing poetry and short stories; creating visual arts; programming computers; roller hockey; rock climbing (though I haven't had much opportunity to do it since moving to Nebraska!); and the occasional game of chess.

I'm married and have 3 beautiful, smart children. We often connect over games like Fortnite and Minecraft.

Travel & Languages

I've lived in a variety of places: New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Utah, Nebraska, Brazil, Japan and Germany. I speak, read and write Japanese (though I haven't used it much since volunteering as an interpreter at the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics).


I am the owner of Gecko Tribe, LLC, founder of the 1+1=4 Project, and webmaster for many other websites.

I've been developing web applications since 1995, specializing in blogging and RSS/Atom feed processing tools. I'm known in the internet marketing industry as the creator of CaRP Evolution (an RSS to HTML converter) and Blog Riffer (a combination feed reader and blogging tool). I was a member of the IETF working group that created the Atom feed format. I've also developed a variety of software and services for webmasters and internet marketers.

Stream Collaboration Interests

I prefer to collaborate with people whose language is rated between G and PG.

I like doing Humor, Casual Play, and Challenge Run streams.