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Hi, I'm ZetaGecko.

My buddy SnapShot500 and I want to help you get other Twitch streamers to promote your stream.

Join our community (for free!) and use our widget to cross-promote your friends during your streams. They're using our widget, too, so they'll promote you in return.

How to Get Streamers to Promote You

  1. Sign up or sign into this website.
  2. Link to your Twitch profile. When you click "Save Changes", a gray check mark will appear next to your link. Click it to verify that you own it. The check mark will then turn green.
  3. Send friend requests to other streamers.
  4. Accept friend requests from other streamers.
  5. Once you've connected with another streamer, get a widget like the one shown above and add it to your stream (eg. as a Browser Widget in Streamlabs OBS.)
    • The name in the widget updates automatically as you stream to promote all of your friends.
    • You can scale it to any size you want. (It's shown extra large here to make it easy to see -- we don't expect you to cover that much of the screen on your actual stream!)
  6. Stream. Your widget will let other streamers know to come to this site to connect with you and get on your friends list. Then, you'll get even more streamers promoting you on their streams!