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Collaboration is a great way to grow your stream, and it makes everything more fun and interesting. But how do you find someone to collaborate with?

Maybe you've chatted with people as they stream on Twitch. Maybe you've joined some streamer Discords and chatted with people there. But you just couldn't find anyone who plays the same game as you at the right skill level and has the right streaming style.

Even if you do all the recommended things, it can be hard to find the right  streaming buddy. That's why we built a free collaborator matching tool. Here's what to do:

  1. Create your free account.
  2. Create your profile. (Be sure to link to your Twitch profile on the Links & Social Media tab, and complete the Games/Company and Collaboration tabs.)
  3. Go to our Streaming Collaborator Match tool, and click on one of the games you listed in your profile.
  4. Help make the tool better by inviting others to join. You'll find an easy way to recruit more members to our community here.